Seven membership meetings are held per year, generally on the fourth Thursday of each month. Some are held at lunchtime at the Stamford Yacht Club. Others are held in the evening at members’ homes. Each meeting includes a horticulture and design exhibit. Speakers at many of these meetings cover subjects on gardening, landscape design, floral design and conservation.

Horticulture and design study meetings are generally scheduled in the evening one week before each membership meeting. Various club members present information and tips on growing and showing for the up-coming membership meeting. Presentations usually include a floral design demonstration and a horticulture discussion on a particular variety of plant. This could range from a discussion of the biology and types of narcissus, to the optimum method for growing showy dahlias. These meetings are often used as the venue for a member plant exchange.

Workshops, garden tours and trips to flower shows are often scheduled throughout the year. In addition to members, guests are invited to many of our meetings, trips and tours.