In support of its mission The Shippan Point Garden Club (SPGC) conducts programs to promote interest in floral design. Throughout the year, members of all skill levels are given the opportunity to learn and practice the basics of floral design based on the guidelines provided by the National Garden Club, Inc (NGC). Whether at SPGC monthly meetings and workshops or at NGC sponsored schools and symposiums, members have the opportunity to learn about topics including preparation of floral materials, NGC design types, artistic crafts, the principles and elements of design and judging criteria.

Knowledge of the Elements and Principles of design is essential in creating any successful art form. A “design” is a plan bringing order to an art form by using the elements and principles of art design.

The principles and elements of design…” apply to every art form, flower arranging included. The elements are the components that make up the design; the principles are the ways in which the elements are combined. Taken together, they might be compared to a recipe in a cookbook. the elements of design…are the ingredients…The principles of design…are the directions, telling one how to prepare and mix the ingredients to achieve an artful result…The principles of design…are the plan by which the elements of design are organized. How the elements of design are arranged to the principles of design is the measure of success in flower arranging.”

Quote credited to Betty Belcher, Creative Flower Arranging, Timber Press, Portland, Oregon.