and transplant evergreen trees and shrubs, ground covers, perennials.

Peonies; crowns should be only about 2 inches below ground level.

Cool-season salad greens (arugula, corn salad, lettuce, radishes, spinach) and parsley in the cold frame.

Container-grown asters and chrysanthemums.

Pot up hardy spring bulbs, place in cold frame or cool garage (40 degrees) or sink the pot into the ground and mulch. Keep evenly moist; bring into house in December to force bloom.



Root prune to ready plants for spring transplanting (especially broadleaf evergreens).

Root prune wisteria reluctant to bloom.

Refrain from much pruning at this time; the new growth it encourages may be damaged by winter weather.


Peonies with bone meal.

Wisteria with super-phosphate.

Refrain from excessive fertilization at this time so as not to delay normal dormancy; new growth may be damaged by winter weather.

Watch for :

Aphids, fungus, Japanese beetles, lace bugs, mites, white-fly.

Garden Maintenance:

Lawn Care: Complete major fall lawn work. Seed or sod new lawns. Keep grass seed damp; sprinkle every day if necessary. Mow when new grass is 3” high.

Feed established lawns to stimulate winter root development; stick to organics and don’t overfeed; excess ends up in the Sound!

Bulb Care: Water bulb beds if season is dry. Lift tender bulbs after the first freeze.

Rose Care: Continue Summer program.

Fall Clean-up: Begin fall clean-up (see October). Move tender perennials to cold frame.

Propagation: Take perennial and annual cuttings to increase stock.


If vacationing, water and mulch garden well; remove all blossoms on perennials and annuals to encourage re-bloom upon your return.

Prepare beds for fall and spring planting.

Edge, weed, mulch existing beds; remove weeds before they seed.

Dig and divide crowded summer perennials; mark late emerging perennials to avoid damaging them during spring clean-up; pot up tender perennials to winter over in cold frame.

Continue watering trees and shrubs until ground freezes.

Begin feeding birds seed and suet.

Protect tender plants from early frost.

Pot up herbs (chives, oregano, rosemary, sweet marjoram) for indoor use.

Sow parsley in a pot.