Evergreens until mid-month.

Deciduous trees and shrubs, tulip and lily bulbs until the ground freezes.

Finish potting up hardy spring bulbs for forcing indoors.


Dig up

and store dahlia and canna tubers after first frost



and thin plants to enhance plant form and silhouette and to reduce wind resistance.

Complete pruning of late-blooming trees and shrubs (see October)

Limit pruning of early spring-flowering trees and shrubs to the removal of awkward, damaged, or diseased branches to preserve bloom buds.

Call your arborist to check trees for susceptibility to damage from ice, snow, and wind.



Tress and shrubs, deciduous and evergreen, wit 5-10-5 to promote winter root development (when fully dormant)


Watch for

Bagworm cocoons, borer damage, scale


Garden maintenance

LAWN CARE: Fertilize lawns after first freeze to promote root growth during winter months.

ROSE CARE: Clean up and destroy all diseased fallen rose leaves and debris surrounding shrubs; mound 10” to 12” of extra dirt around roses to protect from winter damage. After ground freezes, mulch roses that have been mounded, using wood chips, hay, or straw; spray canes with anti-desiccant.


Continue Fall Clean-up

Rake and compost leaves.

Cut perennial stalks to 4”-5” except ornamental grasses, which add winter interest.

Leave hardy water lilies and fish in ponds deep enough not to freeze solid.

Clean gutters and down spouts.

Empty gasoline remaining in engines and fuel lines

Store chemicals where they cannot freeze

Turn off outside water, drain hoses.


Winter Plant Protection

Finish moving tender biennials and perennials to the cold frame (including pansies, English daisies, campanulas).Ventilate when temperature is above 40 degrees.

Water dogwood, broadleaf evergreens, newly planted trees thoroughly before the ground freezes.

Mulch rhododendron, azaleas, laurel with oak leaves or leaf mold.

Protect small plantings (including perennials, cuttings, bulbs) from frost heave by mulching.

Spray broadleaf evergreens and newly planted needle evergreens with anti-desiccant when temperature is above 40 degrees.

Protect evergreens from roadside salt spray and newly planted evergreens from exposure with         burlap or tree wrap.

Guy wire newly planted saplings.


In the vegetable garden

Prune raspberry bushes

Fertilize raspberry bushes with 10-10-10 or with 3 to 4” of aged manure.(after the first heavy frost)



Mulch berry bushes, strawberries, spinach with salt hay to winter over.

Finish preparing beds for spring planting (see October)