Carefully prune evergreens for holiday decorations.

Lawn care

Avoid walking on frozen grass; it causes bare spots.

Bulb Care

Mulch bulb beds to protect from thawing and freezing and to conserve moisture if winter is dry.
Check all hardy bulbs potted up earlier; move indoors into good light when roots develop and 2” to 3” of new growth are visible.

Finish winter plant protection

After leaf fall, mulch perennials and other small plants with salt hay, straw, pine needles, leaves,
or branches of discarded Christmas trees to prevent heaving of the plants during periods of
thawing and freezing.
Set tree guards to protect ornamental apples and cherries from rodent damage.


Sharpen, clean and oil lawn mower and cutting tools; clean and oil garden tools.
Inventory leftover supplies.
Store any remaining insecticides or herbicides safely and protect from freezing.