Trees and shrubs (see February and March).

Clip or mow winter-damaged ground covers with mower at highest setting.

Complete heavy annual pruning of shrub roses.



Trees and shrubs (see February and March).

Emerging perennials with 5-10-5 or aged manure (lightly).

Bulbs with 10-10-10 (as they finish blooming).


Garden Maintenance

Lawn care: Seed or sod new lawns. Reseed bare spots in established lawns. Keep moist. Mow when new grass is 3 inches high.


Bulb care

Dig and divide crowded early spring bulbs (as they finish blooming).

Enrich soil with 10-10-10.

Note gaps in bulb plantings and plan now to order for fall planting.


Spring Cleanup

Continue spring cleanup; complete removal of winter mulch.

Cultivate carefully to remove winter weeds and debris from planting beds.

Edge beds.



Choose flowering shrubs while in bloom for best color selection and bloom combinations.

Begin moving annual seedlings started indoors to cold frame to harden off. Ventilate when temperature is above 45 degrees.

Service automatic irrigation systems.


In the Vegetable Garden

Sow warm- and cool-season vegetables and herbs when soil temperature reaches 60 degrees.

Transplant cool-season seedlings into the garden.

Set out strawberries.

Chores: Finish preparing for spring planting; set cutworm collars.

Harvest first spring vegetables. Replant vacant areas.


Watch for

Caterpillars and worms including cutworms and cabbage worm in butterfly stage; slugs