The Shippan Point Garden Club’s top winners at the Small Standard Flower Show, Sailing in September, as judged by accredited NGC Judges are listed below.
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DESIGN – Division I

Division I Award: Award of Design Excellence —— Georgia Nostrand

Section A Award: Designer’s Choice Award —— Georgia Nostrand

Section B Award: CT Judges’ Design Award —— Jane Waugh

SPGC Design Sweepstakes Bowl —— Georgia Nostrand



Division II Award: Award of Horticultural Excellence —— Jane Waugh

Section A (Roses): Award of Merit —— Penney Burnett

Section C (Dahlias): Award of Merit —— Denise Mangano

Section H (Trees & Shrubs): Arboreal Award —— Barbara Deysson

Section J (Fruits & Vegetables): Award of Merit —— Maureen Carson

Section L (Collections – Flowering): Collector’s Showcase Award —— Barbara Deysson

Section M (Collections – Foliage): Collector’s Showcase Award —— Jane Waugh

SPGC Horticulture Sweepstakes Bowl —— Maureen Carson



Exhibit 2: Award of Appreciation —— Maureen Carson