Ports of Call

A Standard Flower Show of

The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Inc.

February 19 – 22, 2015

The Shippan Point Garden Club participated in many ways in this successful Flower Show at the CT Convention Center in Hartford. Many of our designs and horticulture entries won awards.  Here is the impressive list of those winners. And remember, the competition was from the entire state. Note that (90+) beside a winner means that it was worthy of a First Place, but only one could be given in that class.


Class 4. Enchanted Sicily, an alfresco functional table

Cindy Pennell – First Place

Class 7. Picturesque Bali, a small multi-rhythmic design

Barbara Deysson – Honorable Mention

Class 9. Luminous Kobe, a small panel design

Maureen Carson – Third Place

Class 10. Stunning New Zealand, traditional mass design

Dianna Dwyer – Third Place

Class 11. Sydney Opera House, traditional like design

Erns Szekeres – Second Place

Class 12. Great Barrier Reef, design showing water or the illusion of water

Denise Mangano – First Place PLUS the Tri-Color Award, a Section Award for Classes 10, 11 and 12

Meg Kelley – Second Place (90+)

Paul Nadziejko – Third Place

Class 13. Wonders of Kenya, a vignette created by a club

Shippan Point Garden Club – Honorable Mention

Class 14. Northern Lights, a reflective design

Diane White – Third Place


Class 11. non-cacti succulents

Maureen Carson – Honorable Mention

Class 13. Miniature cacti & succulents

Maureen Carson – 2 Honorable Mentions

Class 17. Cypripedium orchids

Marty Cokin – First Place PLUS the Mary Lou Smith Award of Merit

Class 21. Oncidium orchids

Marty Cokin – Second Place

Class 23. Narcissi

Maureen Carson – First Place

Class 26. Amaryllis

Maureen Carson – Second Place and 2 Honorable Mentions

Class 29. Ferns

Maureen Carson 3rd Place

Class 34. Flowering or Fruited Plant

Cindy Pennell – Second Place (90+)

Maureen Carson – Honorable Mention

Class 42. Needled Evergreens

Diane White – Second Place

Maureen Carson – Third Place

Maureen Carson – Honorable Mention

Class 43. Broadleaf Evergreens

Maureen Carson – First, Second and Third Place

Class 44.  Forced or Winter Blooming Branches

Maureen Carson – First Place

Diane White – Honorable Mention

Class 48. Plants 5-10 years old

Maureen Carson – Third Place and Honorable Mention

Class 51. Judges Challenge: Amaryllis ‘ Monoco’

Cindy Pennell – Honorable Mention

Class 52. Judges Challenge: Amaryllis ‘ La Paz’

Maureen Carson – Second Place


Class 1.  “Choices Matter”

Maureen Carson – Second Place PLUS the CT Silver and Blue Award