Membership Information

The Shippan Point Garden Club is made up of a group of energetic fun-loving gardeners. We enjoy welcoming guests and new members. Membership is open to Shippan Point residents who have lived in the community for at least one year.  Prospective members should have an interest in gardening, floral design, civic beautification and/or conservation.  Expertise in these areas is less important than a desire to learn and participate in meetings, programs and projects. Specific requirements for membership include:

  • Shippan residence
  • Attendance at  four meetings per year
  • Exhibition of one horticultural specimen and one floral design or artistic craft at a membership meeting per year.

Eight regular membership meetings are held per year, some during the day and some in the evening.  There are many other study groups, workshops and tours.

Displaying a wreath as part of the “Doors of Shippan” meets the requirement for exhibiting a floral design, although other designs at meetings are encouraged.

The number of members is limited by club bylaws, mainly because of restriction on space for meetings in members’ homes.  Membership generally ranges between 60 and 70 men and women.  The membership consists of a compatible group of neighbors, supportive of one another in many ways other than in the garden.

If you are interested in learning more about club membership,