Click here for a description and photos of the of 13 Chrysanthemum classes.

Click here for 2013 views of “Kiku: The Art of the Japanese Garden” at the New York Botanical Garden.

Click here for King’s Mums, an online source frequently used by SPGC members. New catalogs come out in January to order for spring planting followed by blooms that autumn.


Shippan Point Garden Club member, Gerda Jensen, who we sadly recently lost, had become quite an expert on a number of plants such as peonies, clivia and chrysanthemums.  But unlike most of our members, she had been published!

Below is the cover of the June, 2011 Journal of the National Chrysanthemum Society which featured photos of the mums grown by Gerda.  The article, which tells a lot about how to grow mums, follows.

Chrysanthemum Article Cover

Chrysanthemum Article