Miniature Design

Member’s Reference: page 203, Handbook for Flower Shows(2007)

  1. Design Style:  May be of any design style:  Traditional or Creative
  2. Design Type:  May be of any design type. For design types refer to Handbook for Flower Shows(2007),  pp. 196-213.
  3. Must be reduced in Size.
  4. Requirements and Scale of Points are the same as for any full size design.
  5. Space may not exceed 5” in Height, Width, or Depth.
  6. Scale is important. Plant material must be small. Other components (optional) must be small.
  7. Staging is not limited to Miniature Design dimensions.
    Must be in pleasing Proportion to a 5” maximum design.
    Exception:  If the Schedule required that a staging prop like a background panel or pedestal be incorporated into the design, that staging must stay within the maximum dimension allowed for a Miniature Design.
  8. Backgrounds need not be square… even though the allotted dimensions (Space) in Height and Width for a Miniature Design are square.  Nevertheless, if Height or Width exceed the allotted 5” dimensions it must do so in pleasing Proportion to the 5” H/W/D allotted Space for a Miniature Design.
    Exception:  The Schedule is free to include a class/es of Miniature Designs to a maximum size less than 5” in H/W/D…. but must indicate the size limitations in the Schedule and adjust the background size.