Designer’s Tool Kit

Mechanics are one of the biggest challenges in creating a floral design. Mechanics include any device or tool used to position, secure and control components within a floral design. Keep supplies together in one location or container.  Club members who design frequently often keep their supplies in a fishing tackle or tool box which is especially good for transport. Here is a list of tools and supplies that may help in creating your design.


For Cutting:

  • Clippers to cut stems
  • Wire-cutters to cut floral wire
  • Dull knife to cut oasis to size
  • Scissors


For Securing:

  • Dark green and clear, moisture resistant florist tape to hold oasis in container
  • Florist water proofing clay to hold pin holder in place
  • Solid adhesives such as “Glue Dots” to keep plant materials and small components in place
  • Florist wire
  • Cellophane tape
  • Stapler to shape/or fold and secure large decorative leaves
  • Wired sticks and floral pins, especially good for wreaths


For Holding Water and Plant Material:

  • Floral foam such as Oasis
  • Pin holders (Japanese kenzans) in various sizes
  • Water tubes
  • Ceramic containers and vases; look for some unusual ones with multiple openings.  Buy some in sets to combine as one design.


For Designers Entering Flower Shows:

  • Tape measurer to assure design conforms to dimensions of schedule
  • Foam board and card stock in various colors as backgrounds and underlays for designs; craft stores will custom cut.
  • Fabric or paper to cover backgrounds and underlays
  • Various sized boxes and baskets for design transport


Resources in Stamford and Surrounding Area:

  • Michael’s Crafts
  • Home Depot
  • Home Goods
  • Floral Shops
  • A.I. Friedman


Resources Online: