Abstract Creative Design

Submitted by Diane White, SPGC Design Chair

Abstract Creative Design Excerpt from page 196, Handbook for Flower Shows(2007)

1. A Creative Design in which selection, treatment and manner of organization of plant materials and other components are chosen in order to contribute toward a non-realistic, non-naturalistic, and non-representational design. See also Chapter 9, pp. 185-186 Handbook for Flower Shows(2007)

2. Components are selected solely for their elemental qualities: line, form, color, texture, light, size, space, pattern.

3. Interest is to be equated over the entire design.

4. Clarity of expression is important.

5. Not all components need be abstracted, though a dominance of abstraction must exist.”

*Please note: to be an Abstract Creative Design there must be a dominance of abstraction meaning that more than half of the components are treated and/or organized in a non-naturalistic manner. p. 185
Handbook for Flower Shows(2007)

There are two design types that are always  Abstract Creative and they are: Assemblage and Collage.  Most Op Art and Mobiles are  Abstract Creative as well.

Assemblage p.197 Handbook for Flower Shows(2007)

Collage p. 197-198 Handbook for Flower Shows(2007)

Op Art p. 205 Handbook for Flower Shows(2007)

Abstract Creative Design Examples below.

Photo Credit: Designing by Types, National Garden Clubs, Inc., 2008, p. 24-26.