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In support of its mission The Shippan Point Garden Club (SPGC) conducts programs to promote interest in floral design. Throughout the year, members of all skill levels are given the opportunity to learn and practice the basics of floral design based on the guidelines provided by the National Garden Club, Inc. (NGC). Whether at SPGC monthly meetings and workshops or at NGC sponsored schools and symposiums, members have the opportunity to learn about topics including preparation of floral materials, NGC design types, artistic crafts, the principles and elements of design and judging criteria.

The new addition of NGC’s Handbook for Flower Shows is dated January, 2017.  Training on the new procedures and judging rules for Flower Shows will be the basis of the next two Flower Show Schools to be conducted by The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut. Flower Show Course I is scheduled April 11-13, 2017 at the Kellogg Environmental Center in Derby, CT. Flower Show School II is planned for early November, 2017. This is the perfect opportunity to begin studying to become a Flower Show Judge or to understand the details of planning a Flower Show.



 2016 Design Theme: The Color Wheel

Featured NGC Design Types:

April’s featured design is a Traditional Mass Design.

The Meeting Theme: Secondary Colors – Orange, Green, Violet

Must be a geometric triangle (pyramid) using fresh plant material. (Refer to Handbook for Flower Shows, p. 183). Design may not exceed 24″ in height, width and depth. Designer must incorporate at least one secondary color in the design. Background and underlay are optional.


January’s featured design is a Small or Miniature Design, Designer’s Choice. The Meeting Theme: Primary Colors

Must be a small design (not to exceed 8″) or a miniature design (not to exceed 5″). Designs must include fresh and/or dried plant material.  The designs will be subdivided and judged by size. A designer may enter only one exhibit. Exhibitor must incorporate at least one primary color in the design.  Background and underlay are optional. Click here for notes from design chair, Diane White regarding the meeting theme.

Click below to learn more about small and miniature designs.

Artistic Crafts:

Artistic Crafts are exhibits using plant materials(fresh and/or dry) to combine horticulture , design and craft work.  In a standard flower show, artistic crafts are part of the special exhibits division adding interest and beauty to the show. The schedule determines type of Artistic Craft, permitted materials, staging and number of entries.


January’s Featured Artistic Craft:

Mardi Gras Mask

A mask, provided by the exhibitor, decorated with designer’s choice of materials but must include some fresh and/or dried plant material. (No artificial plant material.) Mask will be displayed (hung) on a black backboard provided by the committee.


Previously Featured Artistic Crafts:


REMINDER: Connecticut invasive plants and Connecticut endangered plants are not permitted to be used in NGC Garden Clubs’ floral designs. Encouraging their use is detrimental to our State’s environment.  Check the listings:


Tips for Good Design

All art forms conform to the same basic design standards,  including floral design. The basic art standards by which all floral designs are judged are the Principles and Elements of Design. Judges employ the NGC Standard System of Awarding. For a description of  the principles and elements , see Principles and Elements of Design. 


Sources for Plant Materials

In addition to your OWN GARDEN, there are many fine florists in Stamford and the surrounding area. See a list of the places our members visit frequently. Click here.


A Designer’s Tool Kit

Coming up with the idea for a great design is only part of the design process. You must have the components and mechanics for making that idea a reality. Some of our Club’s designers have compiled a list of items that they believe are important to have on hand. See a list of these items and the sources for finding them. Click here.

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